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Melting Additives

Ferro Alloys: There are many qualified manufacturers of Ferro Molybdenum and Ferro Silicon in Iran. Based on customer need for specification of material we are able to supply cost effective appropriate product for the customer.

Anthracite Coal: Iran has some anthracite mines with good quality anthracite coal. Because of our relation with these mines, we can supply your needs with completive price. This material is raw material without any thermal process, but the size and analysis of material are selective.

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Foundry Products

Because of lower price of steel and iron scrap and also big iron mines, there are a lot of cast iron and steel product manufacturers in Iran. Also there are big producers for Aluminum foundry products. Many of these producers are qualified for export products.

Our company as a trader that knows the abilities of these companies could help you to supply your needs with balanced quality and price. Just place your order with full information consisting drawings, specifications and other conditions you need, and we will try to give you the best offer.

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Steel Long Products

Such as foundry products, Iranian steel long product manufacturers are capable to export their qualified products to other countries. We know these factories both for structural or alloy steel in Iran and their quality, price and their other abilities.

Just Let us know about your needs. We will do our best to give you the best offer to cover your need of quality, quantity, price and other needed conditions. Also we will be with you after you confirm our offer from the beginning to the end of buying procedure and until you receives and use the whole order.

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Ferro Alloys

These are ferro alloys that you can find with good quality in Iran

Ferro Molybdenium

  • Mo:Min. 60%, 65%, 68%
  • C: Max. 0.1%
  • S: Max. 0.1%
  • P: Max. 0.05%
  • Cu: Max. 1.0%
  • Size:10-60 (Min 90%)
  • Packing: In 250 Kg Drums on the pallets

Ferro Silicon

  • Si:Min. 72%
  • C: Max. 0.3%
  • S: Max. 0.2%
  • P: Max. 0.04%
  • Al: Max. 2.0%
  • Size:10-60 (Min 90%)
  • Packing: In 1 Mt Jumbo bags

High Carbon Ferro Chromium

  • Cr:Min. 60%
  • C: 4.0% - 8.0%
  • S: Max. 0.15%
  • P: Max. 0.08%
  • Si: Max. 3.0%
  • Size:10-60 (Min 90%)
  • Packing: In 1 Mt Jumbo bags

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